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We are expert in Final expense call back leads and Live transfers. Send Me An Offer CALL CENTER SERVICES We are providing exclusive call back leads And live transfers at reasonable prices with 12% to 20% conversion rate. Send Me An Offer CALL CENTER SERVICES

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Leadx is US based telemarketing firm working since 2018 with the capacity of more then 100 agents. We at Leadx providing a professional but friendly environment especially for young people to start their career with a fast growing company. We are a leading client call service provider, acknowledged as the preferred partner by both clients and worldwide associates for its integrity, reliability and discretion.


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Quality isn’t just in our name, it’s our culture. We take a hard stance on ensuring our clients are getting the highest quality and we rely on weekly monitoring/calibration sessions with our clients to ensure we are aligned with what high quality sounds like to them. We call it “Monitoring with a Purpose”.
The advantages of outsourcing to a professional call center include: Flexibility to handle volume that is sporadic or seasonal. Decrease Fixed Costs. Enhanced agent talent pool.
Increasing sales is always of goal of most innovative businesses. However, most companies struggle to find new ways to start the “sales engine”. Outsourcing allows you to dramatically leverage the investments in technology and manpower already made by professional call center agencies. Therefore, our call center partners stand ready ramp the number of telemarketing agents on the phone and boost your conversions.